2 thoughts on “1546037_10202691197115175_145956126_n

  1. Hello,

    Your work is so beautiful. I love crocheted lace. I always say that one may crochet any lovely design in the world–there is no limit. The only limitation is our own imagination. You have shown through your own amazingly beautiful lace designs that you are certainly not wanting for imagination! I am wondering what size thread you use on this lovely work, and what medium thread did you use? Cotton? Linen? In one of your photos, this stunning work looks just like wispy soft wool–just like the precious wedding shawls that Ukrainian brides knit in preparation for their weddings. Thank you so much for sharing. God be with you.

    • Thank you. This is one of my all-time favorite designs, and I had a lot of fun making it. This piece is made with size 60 Oren Bayan or Altin Basak cotton thread from Turkey. It translates to approximately a size 30 or 40 thread in American sizes.

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