Pillow Edging for Practice


For my daughter’s birthday I made this lace pillow edge with roses.  It was a pretty simple project, and she treasures it. When you are getting used to smaller thread, a simple project like this is good practice, and worth the time for a daughter or granddaughter who will treasure the result.

Anna's Pillow Lace

Little Daisies Pillow Lace Edging With Roses


2 thoughts on “Pillow Edging for Practice

  1. Would you be willing to share this pattern: Little Dausies Pillowcase edging. I have looked for similar patterns but none are as striking as this one.

    • I no longer have the pattern book for the Little Daisies Pillowcase Edging. I’ve looked and it seems to be missing. It is built with a series of chains for the foundation rows and clusters for the rest. I could mimic the pattern, but it wouldn’t be exact.

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