Information on Temple Altar Cloth Guidelines

Altar Cloth Lace

Crochet Altar Cloth Lace– with repeating motifs.

If you would like to get a copy of the altar cloth guidelines, call the temple department in Salt Lake : 801-240-3801.

The temple department also  has a small variety of patterns that have been approved in the past that they will give you copies of if you request them.

A note of encouragement:

Anyone can make lace.  It’s a skill more than a talent.  It just takes practice.  If you are working on a temple lace, send me a picture!  I’d love to feature more LDS Lacemakers!


8 thoughts on “Information on Temple Altar Cloth Guidelines

    • It depends on the size of your altar that you’re covering. Some of my altar cloths are very large, others are quite small. The way I measure is to make my motif from one size thread, until that thread ball is gone. Then I count how many motifs it makes per ball. I measure the motif and calculate how many I will need to fit the size altar cloth they need. Then I figure out how many balls of string I will need for that many squares. Even though the thread will shrink in the washing, and stretch in the blocking, it gives a good approximation.

  1. Is it really just crochet or tatting that’s approved? I’m a knitter and think knitted lace is so beautiful. I’ve only done smallish doilies so far, but would love to make an altar lace someday.

    • My grandmother knitted lace also. I think it is beautiful. I believe the trouble with knitted lace is that it doesn’t hold shape as well. I’ve never seen a knitted altar lace, or heard of one being made. As far as I know that is the case, but if you like you can contact Sister Gailey in the Temple Department, she will know for sure.

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