Information on Temple Altar Cloth Guidelines

Altar Cloth Lace

Crochet Altar Cloth Lace– with repeating motifs.

If you would like to get a copy of the altar cloth guidelines, call your local temple.  The church has listed every temple’s contact information at

Each temple is responsible for their own lace altar cloth collections.  If you would like to make an altar cloth, call your local temple and make an appointment to speak with the matron to find out what your temple’s altar cloth needs are.  She will be able to give you the instruction and guidelines you need for the sizes of altar cloths she needs.

If you have questions about how to create, block, whiten, or anything else regarding care for crochet lace, drop me a note, I’m happy to assist.  We have an amazing community of lacemakers in our LDS culture.  It’s a wonderful heritage I hope to see flourish for a good long time.

A note of encouragement:

Anyone can make lace.  It’s a skill more than a talent.  It just takes practice.  If you are working on a temple lace, send me a picture of your lace pattern!  I’d love to feature more LDS Lacemakers!


12 thoughts on “Information on Temple Altar Cloth Guidelines

    • It depends on the size of your altar that you’re covering. Some of my altar cloths are very large, others are quite small. The way I measure is to make my motif from one size thread, until that thread ball is gone. Then I count how many motifs it makes per ball. I measure the motif and calculate how many I will need to fit the size altar cloth they need. Then I figure out how many balls of string I will need for that many squares. Even though the thread will shrink in the washing, and stretch in the blocking, it gives a good approximation.

  1. Is it really just crochet or tatting that’s approved? I’m a knitter and think knitted lace is so beautiful. I’ve only done smallish doilies so far, but would love to make an altar lace someday.

    • My grandmother knitted lace also. I think it is beautiful. I believe the trouble with knitted lace is that it doesn’t hold shape as well. I’ve never seen a knitted altar lace, or heard of one being made. As far as I know that is the case, but if you like you can contact Sister Gailey in the Temple Department, she will know for sure.

  2. I weave. Knitting and crocheting require fine motor exercise of my hands that I can no longer do due to rheumatoid arthritis. Do you happen to know if woven cloth in a lace pattern or that resembles lace and has repeated motifs is ever used?

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