Manti Temple Irish Wedding Dress Lace

Handmade Irish lace wedding gown

Handmade Irish lace for wedding gown

This intricate piece of Irish lace is one I made for the front of a friend’s wedding gown. She was married in the beautiful Manti temple, and wanted a traditional Scotch-Irish theme for her reception.  All the men wore traditional kilts and her wedding dress was laced with bits of Ireland.

MJ Stegeby, and I worked this lace together. The back of the dress has clusters of Irish roses just above the train, Irish roses are in her hair, and the sleeves are sprinkled with roses, clones knots, and insert lace.

This was one of my favorite lace projects. A beautiful couple, with beautiful heritage, on a gorgeous day at the temple.

Manti Temple Irish Lace Wedding Dress

Manti Temple Irish Lace Wedding Dress

Constructing the Irish Lace:

Irish wedding lace under construction

Irish Wedding Lace– under construction


Irish Wedding Dress- front bodice lace

The Irish lace was constructed in parts.  Each motif was made first, and then pinned to a sturdy surface, in this case a sheet of cardstock.  Then the netting with clones knot picots was added to fill in between the motifs.  This project took several months of patient labor, but the completed dress was worth it.