My Favorite Pattern Books for Altar Laces

crochet_treasure_chestI’ve been asked what patterns I use for altar laces, and where more patterns can be found.  I have a collection of old vintage patterns that I love, I use those patterns, sometimes I modify them and sometimes I make up my own.  As long as the motif fits the general altar cloth guidelines, and is beautiful, it should work.

My favorite books are:

“Crocheter’s Treasure Chest”: This one has the “Pond Lily” Pattern in it that M.J. Stegeby made for the Los Angeles Temple.  It’s beautiful. Patterns that also might be used for altar cloths from this book are “Poinsettia”, “Daisy Ring”  and “Sundial”.  Some of the others have holes that are too large for altar lace.
101 Motifs for Thread Crochet”: by the American School of Needlework: This book has the pattern I used for my first altar cloth, motif #101.  This book has many good motifs in it that would work for altar cloths, but it does not give directions on how to connect the motifs together.  If you you are new to altar cloth making, and want to use a pattern from this book and get stuck with how to connect motifs, I can help.

How you connect them varies, and can change the look of your finished lace by quite a bit.  Never fear.  There aren’t many wrong ways, and there are lots and lots of right ways that are creative and beautiful.

crochet_lace_doily_japanesemotifbook“Crochet Lace Doilies”

This book is in Japanese, but it has beautiful patterns and they’re diagrammed so you don’t have to know the language.  I love visual patterns.

Ondori is another Japanese pattern seller that has beautiful patterns.

In lace books, it’s not unusual to find one good pattern that will work for an altar lace out of a whole book of beautiful lacy patterns, but these books have some of my favorites.  I will add to the list as I discover more.

There are patterns also on pinterest that people have posted or created for free.  I am collecting some of interest on my pages there. I have a crochet lace pattern and ideas collection, and a tatted lace pattern and ideas collection.





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