Grandma Celinda’s Legacy of Lacemakers

Celinda Jane Twitchell Olson

Celinda Jane Twitchell Olson, lacemaker

I just wanted to put a note up about all the beautiful sisters who are contacting me with the desire to make altar lace.  It’s such a beautiful thing.  I love the letters!

I got an email from a sister two weeks ago who has a desire to make altar lace for her temple and came across this blog.  It turns out she and I share the same lace making gggrandma, Celinda Olson.  That makes her a cousin! 

In total, four of my grandma Celinda’s descendants are currently making lace for altars, including me.  It is such joy to find each other.  Lace ties us together.


Grandma Olson’s lace