Heirloom Baby Blanket for Blessing Day

IMG_20141022_163629My mother came to visit me recently. She was working on a blessing blanket for my brother and his wife who are expecting next month.

As we visited, she told me about it. The pattern is simple, but meaningful. The lace edging is my great great grandma Celinda’s pattern.  My great aunt studied the pattern from scraps of lace we still have and wrote it down. My mother adds it as an edging to all her heirloom blessing blankets. It’s beautiful. A little bit of pioneer history, and lots of love, from grandma.




Update: All done!

photo 2

photo 1

Ebenezer Lace: Corner Re-design

Ebenezer Lace It is finished! I made modifications to one of the sides and designed corners for the Ebenezer Lace. This altar lace was originally made a specific shape by the request  of the temple matron in order to fit a particular altar. After four months in service, we determined that the corner cut idea wasn’t working well. The lace kept sliding out of position without corners to add stability.  So I took it home and have been working on a redesign of the edges, including a fill-in for the missing corners.IMG_20141022_092107

I was able to continue the Linnaea blossoms as well as the radiating line theme. The corners are complimentary. I am really pleased with the result. This lace will be turned in Friday. Hopefully it will fit as beautifully on the altar as it looks in a picture.IMG_20141021_194252

An Old Friend.

I’ve been working on a new pattern the last few months, but our matron asked that I go back and make a few modifications to this one I finished earlier in the year.

Working with this pattern again makes me happy. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t remember enough of the pattern, but a few minutes of study and it all came back. It’s like dancing to a familiar tune.

Hello old friend.