Ebenezer Lace: Corner Re-design

Ebenezer Lace It is finished! I made modifications to one of the sides and designed corners for the Ebenezer Lace. This altar lace was originally made a specific shape by the request  of the temple matron in order to fit a particular altar. After four months in service, we determined that the corner cut idea wasn’t working well. The lace kept sliding out of position without corners to add stability.  So I took it home and have been working on a redesign of the edges, including a fill-in for the missing corners.IMG_20141022_092107

I was able to continue the Linnaea blossoms as well as the radiating line theme. The corners are complimentary. I am really pleased with the result. This lace will be turned in Friday. Hopefully it will fit as beautifully on the altar as it looks in a picture.IMG_20141021_194252

5 thoughts on “Ebenezer Lace: Corner Re-design

  1. Simply stunning! I could never imagine even making such a wonderful piece, let alone design one. Your new corners really add a new dimension!

    • Judy, Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of it. The pattern is an original pattern that I designed, and I haven’t written it in more than just chicken scratch notes. I need a design program to really do it justice and I haven’t gotten there yet.

  2. oh I love this one. I was looking for this pattern from you picture at the top. Do you have the pattern available?????

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