Karenne’s Heritage Lace Edging Pattern


I inherited some vintage embroidered pillowcases and decided to dress them up for my daughter’s room.  These beautiful designs practically cried for lace to be added to them.  Each of the pillowcases ended up with a variation of a pattern I’ve been experimenting with.  This is the final version.

Karenne’s Heritage Lace Edging Pattern:

Row 1:  Chain the length desired, connect to beginning of chain with sl st, do not turn.

Row 2:  Ch 5, dc, *ch2, skip 2 ch from previous row, dc*, repeat  across, sl to close row.

Row 3:  *(Ch 3, sc in next ch2 sp of previous row)– four times, ch 5, sc in next ch2 space of previous row* repeat across.

Row 4:  Sl 4 st to the top of the second ch3 lp of previous row, ch3, sc in next ch3 sp , ch2, tr in ch5 sp of previous row, (ch1, tr) 2 times, ch 2, tr (ch1, tr) 2 more times, all in the same ch5 sp.  Ch2, skip next ch3 sp, sc in next ch3 sp* repeat to end of row.  Sl to close.

Row 5:  Sl 1 to top of ch3 sp of previous row. Ch 6, counts as first tr and ch 3 sp, tr in the same ch3 sp. *Ch4, (sc, ch3, sc) in ch2 sp between tr’s from the previous row.  Ch 4, (tr, ch3, tr) in next ch3 sp* repeat around, sl to close.

Row 6: Ch 4, counts as first tr and ch1 sp, [(tr, ch1, tr) ch2, (tr, ch1,) 2x more, tr],  in chain 3 sp between tr’s of previous row.  *ch2, (sc, ch3, sc in the ch3 loop between sc’s from previous row), ch2, (tr, ch1) 2 times, tr, ch2, (tr, ch1) 2 times, tr in the next ch3 sp between tr’s, repeat from * to end, sl in top of first tr to close.

Row 7:  Ch3, counts as first dc and ch1 sp, dc in first ch1 sp between tr’s of previous row. Small “V” made.  Dc, ch1, dc in next ch1 sp.  Second small “V” made.  Tr, ch3, tr in ch2 sp between tr’s of previous row, large “V” made. Place small “V” in each of next two ch1 sp. Sc, ch3, sc in next ch3 sp* repeat to end. Sl in top of first dc to close.

Row 8:  Sc, ch3 in each small “V”, (sc, ch3, sc) in the top of each large “V”, (2sc, picot, 2sc) in each ch3 sp around.  Slip to close.