Making Irish Crochet Lace

This is my first piece of Irish crochet lace. Irish lace is more free form than rigid in pattern. I had no idea when I started how fun it would be.  It’s also a little intimidating, because there are no instructions except in pieces.

The Irish people made their motifs from the things they saw around them from their windows and cottage yards and hills.  Leaves, thistles, roses, clover, briars.  The various motifs, thrown together and wrapped in picot lace, ARE Ireland.  Many of my ancestors were Irish, so I’ve always had a fascination with Irish lace.  I was determined to give this one a try.

The middle of the lace was made in pieces, with roses and a center, and then each motif was enveloped in stitching afterward.

Constructing Irish lace by sections

Constructing Irish lace by sections

Each flower was made first, and pinned to a section of paper in the shape of the finished lace. Filler stitches are then attached with picots and mesh to fill in all the areas between the roses until the circle form is complete.

The lacy center is complete, now for the borders

The lacy center is complete, now for the borders

There are several traditional borders that can be added to a lacy center to fill out the piece. This was a great project to learn on.  I love Irish roses, and have used several types of roses and other Irish motifs  in other projects, but this was my first complete Irish crochet lace.

Irish lace doily with roses, clones knots and traditional edging

Irish lace doily with roses, clones knots and traditional edging

Morning at the Temple

You know it’s going to be a good day at the temple when there’s a line of twenty people trying to get in for the first session at O dark thirty in the morning.  Who knew the 5:30 session was so popular?  I love this place.  I took this picture from the rose garden out front before I went home.  The buds are just beginning to bloom. I couldn’t resist.

The Los Angeles Temple from the rose garden.

The Los Angeles Temple, from the rose garden.

Pillow Edging for Practice


For my daughter’s birthday I made this lace pillow edge with roses.  It was a pretty simple project, and she treasures it. When you are getting used to smaller thread, a simple project like this is good practice, and worth the time for a daughter or granddaughter who will treasure the result.

Anna's Pillow Lace

Little Daisies Pillow Lace Edging With Roses