Freeform Crochet Irish Rose


Irish lace is a wonderful dance between dense thread and open space. I’ve been working on my Irish rose designs. I’m really pleased with how this rose, leaf, and flower set is coming. The center has traditional Irish crochet padding cord to make the dense centers more pronounced.

The clones knots in the netting are wonderful examples of this contrast and how pleasing it is to our eyes.  I’ve also been experimenting with putting roll stitches in patterns where you don’t normally see them.  I like their unusual look, and the roll stitch is another stitch, like the clones knot, that is a high density stitch perfect for unique antique-style laces.


One Lacemaker at a Time

IMG_20140414_162225Today I spent the afternoon with my daughter, Anna. There are things you always intend to do with your kids, but somehow they grow up and the time is gone. Today that wasn’t so. We made lace.

Anna is intelligent, talented, and wonderful. She’s also 17. Not too bad for a first lace!